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Privacy policy


We have a couple of ways that you can leave us your information.


1. The newsletter sign-up

2. The contact form


We do collect name, email address and telephone number where given.


We keep this information in a database and keep the security measures up to date so that no one can access this information outside of our admin. We have several excellent prevention methods in place to ensure the safety of your data. 


Should you wish for us to delete your information, please email us with your name and we will aim to do this within 48 hours.


Cookies are tiny bits of data kept on YOUR computer whenever you visit a website, they simply provide tiny snippets of information to the website that tell the website useful things such as whether you have visited the website before, when you last visited and whether you have viewed a certain page, for example.


It is a very simple procedure to prevent your computer from accepting cookies by going into your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera etc) and selecting tools/settings and blocking all/ some cookies or cookies from all or some websites – it is very flexible and you have as much control as you require.


Generally cookies are harmless and merely improve visitor experience – they are also used extensively in analytics and can be a very helpful tool for websites to improve the website and remove less effective parts of the websites and make information more easy to find.


In some circumstances blocking cookies can prevent the website you are visiting stop working so you will not get the best out of it with all cookies blocked. It may be better that you are asked each time before you accept a cookie – although this can be irritating if you do a lot of surfing. Generally we would just recommend that you take care to only visit trustworthy websites – this will save a whole heap of trouble on many levels anyway.


You can rest assured that we are definitely one of those trustworthy websites!


We use cookies to track visitors to our website.  We use this simply to ensure that our visitors are getting the most from our website and to see if there are any issues to fix, such as broken links and pages as well as the best places to position offers or useful information that we want to share with our customers.


Please contact us if you have any queries with regard to our privacy policy.


Many thanks

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