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Langley Abbey was founded as a house of Premonstratensian canons in 1195 by Sir Robert FitzRoger. It’s origins were principally religious and it was a monastery of sorts but canons were not monks and typically fulfilled the role of parish priest for many of the churches and parishes.


Considering that Langley Abbey was probably one of the largest Premonstratensian houses in England, in fact very little of the church remains. Excavations which were undertaken in the 1920’s give us a general idea of its shape and size but very little detail of the church itself.


Langley Abbey boasts many features one would expect of a monastery, including a cloister, which is believed to have had a timbered arcade and it was as one would expect of a monastery, kept secluded by a three-sided ditch, with the fourth side protected by marshland and the river. There was also a gatehouse, Almonry (where alms were distributed), infirmary and barns. In addition, the site featured its own water supply and drainage system.


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